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The best quesadillas and horchatas.


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4 reviews
Yo yo yo this place is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Best al pastor, best Carne en so jugo. I be getting the Agua de jamaica and putting a lil vodka in it and have myself a party. They put extra avocado in there too! Unheard of. Everytime they show up to my house, I'm like damn already???? It's super hot, super fast, super good and very traditional. Yum yum yum my 4th time ordering from here


Top Reviewer
I ordered the taco meal and I have to say it.
"DAAAAAAAMMMM" this is some good stuff !!
I am very picky with my food, But for a restaurant it had FLAVOR and it wasn't cold nor was it from days or reheated. My boyfriend picked the burrito and he liked it very much. Am very pleased to have ordered from here will be ordering again!


1 review
First time ordering from this restaurant, tried the Asada burrito. It was delicious they also gave me red and green salsa on the side without me having to ask for it. It was delivered right on time or maybe even a little sooner than the estimated delivery time. Would definitely recommend this spot to friends/family


2 reviews
Order accuracy: 100%
Percentage of gristle and fat in your meat: 0%
Flavor of their red and green salsa: A-

You want someone whos gonna omit sour cream when you ask them to, 100% of the time? Los Corrales is the place. You want a place that wont serve you a steak taco with gristle and fat in it? Go here!


Top Reviewer
That food was absolutely amazing. Everything was so fresh and delicious. I was even Amazed by how quickly the food showed up. I thought I had time to run to the bank the food was prepared and delivered within like 20 minutes. Will definitely order again.

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1 review
Delicious food delivered fast, with friendly service.

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